White Plastic Bevel Gear Wheel M4


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White Plastic Bevel Gear Wheel M4

The White Plastic Bevel Gear Wheel M4 is a high-quality gear used in various machinery applications. It is made of durable plastic material, which ensures its long-lasting performance. The gear is designed with precision and manufactured using the hobbing method, resulting in a hardened tooth surface.

This bevel gear wheel has an internal gear position and a spur gear toothed portion shape. It is commonly used in precision cutting machines, lathes machines, milling machines, grinders machines, automated mechanical systems, and automated warehousing systems.

The White Plastic Bevel Gear Wheel M4 comes in different precision grades, including DIN5, DIN6, DIN7, DIN8, and DIN10. It is available in various pressure angles, such as 14.5 degrees, 15 degrees, and 20 degrees. The gear is made from different materials, including C45 steel, 304SS, 316SS, 20CrMo, 40Cr, brass, nylon, POM, and more.

To ensure its durability, the gear undergoes heat treatment processes like hardening and tempering, high-frequency quenching, carburization, and more. It also undergoes surface treatments such as blacking, polishing, anodization, chrome plating, zinc plating, and nickel plating.

Installing, maintaining, and repairing the White Plastic Bevel Gear Wheel M4 is simple and straightforward. It can be machined using CNC engine lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine, CNC grinding machine, CNC cutting machines, or machining center.

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