Plastic Injection Molding Plastic Helical Ring Gear Customized Plastic Gear


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Plastic Injection Molding Plastic Helical Ring Gear Customized Plastic Gear

Product Description:
The Plastic Injection Molding Plastic Helical Ring Gear is a customized plastic gear commonly used in various industries such as motors, electric cars, machinery, marine, toys, and agricultural machinery. It is designed with a soft tooth surface, making it suitable for external gear applications. The manufacturing method used is cut gear, and the toothed portion shape is a spur gear. This gear is made of nylon, a type of engineering plastic that offers excellent mechanical properties.

Nylon Introduction:
Nylon, also known as Monomer Casting Nylon, is widely used in various industries due to its comprehensive properties. It is produced by melting caprolactam monomer, adding catalyst, and pouring it into molds at atmospheric pressure to form different castings such as rods, plates, and tubes. MC Nylon has a high molecular weight, ranging from 70,000 to 100,000/mol, which is three times higher than PA6/PA66. Its mechanical properties surpass other nylon materials, including PA6/PA66.

Properties of PA6:
– Density: 1.13 g/cm3
– Water absorption (23°C in air): 1.8-2.0%
– Tensile strength: 86 MPa
– Tensile strain at break: 28%
– Compressive stress (at 2% nominal strain): 51 MPa
– Charpy impact strength (unnotched): No break (KJ/m2)
– Charpy impact strength (notched): ≥5.7 KJ/m2
– Tensile modulus of elasticity: 3190 MPa
– Ball indentation hardness: 162 N/mm2
– Rockwell hardness: M86

Our Services:
– Wholesale of standard and nonstandard high-precision plastic gears, plastic pulleys, and plastic gearboxes
– Designing, processing, and manufacturing high-precision plastic gears and parts according to customer drawings or samples
– Precision plastic injection molding and tooling

Application & Industry:
1. Textile Industry
2. Chemical Industry
3. Food Processing Industry
4. Paper Industry
5. Material Handling
6. Farm Implement
7. Mining & Metals Processing Industries
8. Transportation
9. Consumer Products
10. Waste Water Treatment

Why choose us?
1. Factory price due to our own manufacturing facility
2. Professional supplier with a dedicated technical team and sales personnel
3. On-time delivery
4. ISO9001:2008 certified with 100% product inspection for quality assurance
5. Competitive price and excellent service
6. High-quality products that meet customer requirements
7. OEM and ODM services available

Quality Guarantee:
Our products undergo thorough quality control processes, including chemical checking, non-destructive examination (NDE) after rough machining, mechanical testing after heat treatment, final NDE, and dimension inspection. We provide full quality assurance documents as per customer requests. Our products are packed and shipped in standard export packaging, and we offer various shipping options. We provide design translation, quality control, and inspection services. In-house foundry and third-party inspections are available upon request.

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Contact Supplier:
Qingdao Chifine Machinery Co., Ltd.
– Diamond Member Since 2013
– Suppliers with verified business licenses
– Audited Supplier
– Manufacturer/Factory, Group Corporation
– Registered Capital: 500,000 RMB
– Plant Area: 1001~2000 square meters

Other Products Business:
EVER-POWER GROUP offers a wide range of plastic gears for various industries, including Plastic Spur Gear, Plastic Helical Gear, Plastic Worm Gear, Plastic Bevel Gear, Plastic Pinion Gear, Plastic Nylon Gear, Plastic Transmission Gear, Plastic Sprocket Gear, Plastic Wheel Gear, Plastic Injection Gear, Plastic Ring Gear, Plastic Rack Gear, and more. Our products are known for their high quality, competitive prices, and excellent service. We welcome customers to customize their products based on drawings or samples.

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