OEM Customized Straight Delrin Rack Pinion Gear Design Plastic POM CNC Gear Rack


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OEM Customized Straight Delrin Rack Pinion Gear Design Plastic POM CNC Gear Rack

The OEM customized straight delrin rack pinion gear is a type of gear rack made from plastic POM material. It is designed for use in various applications, including motor, electric cars, motorcycle, machinery, marine, toy, agricultural machinery, car, and domestic appliances.

Features of the OEM customized straight delrin rack pinion gear:

– Hardened tooth surface for increased durability
– External gear position
– Manufactured using the cut gear method
– Toothed portion shape: spur gear
– Material: POM (Polyformaldehyde)

POM (Polyformaldehyde) is a high-quality engineering plastic known for its excellent properties. It is a non-side-chain, high-density, high-crystalline, and linear polymer, often called “Plastic Steel.” POM offers wear-resistance, high hardness, anti-impregnant, good rigidity, chemical stability, isolation resistance, and dimensional stability. It is widely used in various industries, including automobile, electronic, electric products, commodity, pipeline, fittings, and precise apparatus. POM is often used as a replacement for bronze, zinc, tin, and other metals in these applications.

POM-H and POM-C are two common types of POM. POM-H is copolymerized with ethylene oxide to improve its high-temperature performance. It has better high crystalline, mechanical strength, and rigidity compared to POM-C. On the other hand, POM-C has better low melting point, temperature stability, fluxion characteristic, and machining capability.

In the automobile industry, the OEM customized straight delrin rack pinion gear is widely used due to its high mechanical strength, hardness, wear-resistance, and low friction coefficient. It can be used as a replacement for coppery half stalk and planet gear, saving copper materials and improving the overall service life. This gear is commonly used in engine fuel systems, hose valves, radiator case covers, cooling fluid standby cases, water valves, oil box covers, pump impellers, gasification machine shells, and accelerator pedals.

In the electronic and electric industries, the OEM customized straight delrin rack pinion gear is valued for its lower power consumption, high dielectric strength, insulation resistance, and electronic arc resistance. It finds applications in electronic spanners, electronic scissors, coal drilling machine shells, switch handles, and various electronic devices such as phones, recorders, televisions, computers, and calculators.

In the agricultural machinery field, this gear is used in manual sprayers, seeders, milk machines, irrigation and drainage systems, valves, water joints, and bushes.

Other fields where the OEM customized straight delrin rack pinion gear is utilized include pharmacy and packing machines, construction industries (water taps, window frames, wash pots, water tanks, pulleys), and more.

The gear is available in various colors such as white, black, natural, rice yellow, and brown. It comes in different sizes, including 1000X2000X(Thickness:1-200mm), 1220X2440X(Thickness:1-200mm), and 600X1200X(Thickness:1-200mm).

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