Mc Nylon Plastic Transmission Gear Custom Self-Lubricating POM Gear


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Mc Nylon Plastic Transmission Gear Custom Self-Lubricating POM Gear

The Mc Nylon Plastic Transmission Gear Custom Self-Lubricating POM Gear is a versatile and high-quality gear designed for various applications. It can be used in motors, electric cars, motorcycles, machinery, marine vehicles, toys, agricultural machinery, and cars.

Key features of this gear include a hardened tooth surface, making it durable and long-lasting. It is an external gear, manufactured using the cut gear method. The toothed portion shape is a spur gear, which allows for smooth and efficient operation.

Made from nylon, this gear is known for its self-lubricating properties, reducing the need for additional lubrication. The gear is carefully designed to ensure optimal performance under different working conditions.

Product Parameters:
– Products: Gear
– Module: M0.5-M10
– Precision grade: DIN6, DIN7, DIN8, DIN10
– Pressure angle: 20 degree
– Material: C45 steel, Stainless steel 304, Plastic, Brass, 20CrMo, 40Cr, and more
– Heat treatment: Hardening and Tempering, High Frequency Quenching, Carburizing, etc.
– Surface treatment: Blacking, Polishing, Anodization, Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating
– Application: Precision cutting machines, lathes, milling machines, grinders, automated mechanical systems, automated warehousing systems
– Machining process: Hobbing, Milling, Drilling, Shaving, Grinding

Product Display:
A professional team with 10+ years of technical experience is at your service.

Certification Certificate:
The company strictly enforces the ISO9001(2008) international quality certification system, and the product quality conforms to the EU RoHS standard.

Professional Team:
The company has a professional product technical consultation and after-sales service. We have a good market reputation, offering quality assurance, reasonable prices, and timely delivery.

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1. Q: Can we produce plastic parts without drawings, but based on the samples we provide?
A: Yes, we can produce based on samples provided.

2. Q: How do we customize plastic parts?
A: Customization can be done according to drawings.

3. Q: Can we make a sample for testing first?
A: Yes, making a sample for testing is possible.

4. Q: How long is the proofing cycle?
A: The proofing cycle is usually 2-5 days.

5. Q: What certifications or qualifications does your company have?
A: Our company holds certificates such as ISO, Rohs, and product patent certificates.