K Series Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer for Plastic Production Line


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K Series Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer for Plastic Production Line

The K Series Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer is a high-quality gear reducer designed to be used in plastic production lines. It is widely used in various industries for its superior performance and durability. The gear reducer is known for its high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, and low noise. It is made with a reinforced high rigid cast iron box and features a hardened gear made of high-quality alloy steel. The gear surface is carburized, quenched, and hardened, ensuring stable transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity, low temperature rise, and long service life.

Product Features:
– Input mode: Coupled motor, belted motor, input shaft, or connection flange.
– Output: Right angle.
– Compact structure with a rigid tooth face, allowing it to carry a greater torque and have a high loading capacity.
– High precision gear ensures stable operation and smooth transmission.
– Low noise and long lifespan with a large overlap coefficient and abrasion resistance.

Product Parameters:
– Brand Name: HUAKE
– Product Name: K Helical-bevel gear units
– Material: Steel or cast iron
– Weight: 11Kg-1700Kg
– Color: Customizable
– Heat treatment: Carburizing, Quenching, Gear Grinding
– Advantage: 1. K Series spiral bevel gear reducer with small vibration, low noise, and energy-saving. 2. Selection of high-quality steel material, steel cast iron box, and high-frequency heat-treated gear surface.

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair:
The K Series Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer can be easily installed in different types of machinery configurations. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation. Regular maintenance, such as oil changes and gear inspection, is necessary to ensure optimal performance and prolong the gearbox’s lifespan. In case of any malfunction or damage, it is advisable to contact a professional for repair or replacement.

Other Products:
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