Helical Gear Bevel Worm Spur Gear Crown Pinion Plastic Box Differential Coupling Shaft Planetary Rack Timing Metal Solid Spiral Ring


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Helical Gear Bevel Worm Spur Gear Crown Pinion Plastic Box Differential Coupling Shaft Planetary Rack Timing Metal Solid Spiral Ring

This product is a standard gear used in various industries such as textile machinery, garment machinery, conveyer equipment, packaging machinery, electric cars, motorcycles, food machinery, marine, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, and cars. The spiral line of this gear is designed for right-handed rotation, and it has multiple heads and a reference surface in the form of a cylindrical surface. Specifically, it belongs to the ZK Worm gear type.

Product Description:

– Spur gear
– Helical gear
– Double helical gear (herringbone gear)
– Miter gear
– Spiral Bevel Gear
– Straight bevel gear
– Internal gear
– Worm gear & worm shaft
– Gear rack

We can produce large forging, casting, and welding gears according to customer’s drawings. Additionally, we offer various processing options such as gear grinding, surface hardening, cementation (carburizing), induction hardening, flame hardening, quenching, and nitriding. The main machines used in our production include NC Gear Hobbing Machines, NC Gear Shapers, NC lathe, NC gear Shaving machines, NC gear milling machines, NC gear grinding machines, and other related machines.

Our company specializes in manufacturing custom-made large-scale gears for various industrial applications. We employ advanced forging, casting, and welding techniques to ensure durability and optimal performance under demanding working conditions. We offer post-processing services such as gear grinding, surface hardening, cementation (carburizing), quenching, and nitriding to enhance gear longevity and functionality. Each process is meticulously executed under strict quality control measures to meet stringent standards and client requirements.

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