HDPE Rod PE 1000 Plastic Bar Green Color PVC Rod for Cylindrical Pinion Gear


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HDPE Rod PE 1000 Plastic Bar Green Color PVC Rod for Cylindrical Pinion Gear

The HDPE Rod PE 1000 Plastic Bar is a versatile plastic bar made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is available in various colors such as black, white, red, yellow, orange, and blue. The HDPE rod has a diameter range of 2-200mm and can be customized to different lengths, including 1000mm, 2000mm, and 3000mm.

This plastic bar is known for its exceptional strength against impact and abrasion. It also has a low coefficient of friction, making it suitable for applications that require smooth and friction-free movement. The HDPE rod is resistant to moisture, stains, and odors, and it is FDA approved for use in the food processing industry, specifically for cutting boards.

The HDPE rod is widely used in various industries for different applications. It is commonly used in the production of water tanks, chute linings, and bottle caps. Its durability and resistance to chemicals and UV radiation make it suitable for industrial uses. Additionally, borated HDPE variants offer radiation protection in nuclear facility applications.

Here are some key mechanical properties of the HDPE rod:

– Modulus of elasticity in tension: 1000 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527-2)
– Modulus of elasticity in flexure: 1000-1400 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527-2)
– Tensile strength at yield: 25 MPa (50 mm/min, DIN EN ISO 527-2)
– Impact strength (Charpy): 140 Kj/m2 (Max. 7.5j)
– Notched Impact strength (Charpy): No break (Max. 7.5j)
– Ball indentation hardness: 50 MPa (ISO 2039-1)
– Creep rupture strength: 12.50 MPa (After 1000 hours static load 1% elong. against steel p=0.05 N/mm2)

The HDPE rod also possesses several notable thermal properties:

– Glass transition temperature: -95°C (DIN 53765)
– Crystalline melting point: 130°C (DIN 53765)
– Service temperature: 90°C (short term), 80°C (long term)
– Thermal expansion: 13-15 x 10-5K-1 (DIN 53483)
– Specific heat: 1.70-2.00 J/(g+K) (ISO 22007-4:2008)
– Thermal conductivity: 0.35-0.43 W/(K+m) (ISO 22007-4:2008)
– Heat distortion temperature: 42-49°C (Method A), 70-85°C (Method B, R75)

In conclusion, the HDPE Rod PE 1000 Plastic Bar is a versatile and durable plastic bar suitable for various industrial applications. Its exceptional impact resistance, low friction coefficient, and resistance to moisture and chemicals make it an ideal choice for water tanks, chute linings, and bottle production. Whether you need a replacement part or a custom order, our company, EVER-POWER GROUP, offers a wide range of high-quality plastic gears, including Plastic Spur Gear, Plastic Helical Gear, Plastic Worm Gear, Plastic Bevel Gear, Plastic Pinion Gear, Plastic Nylon Gear, Plastic Transmission Gear, Plastic Sprocket Gear, Plastic Wheel Gear, Plastic Injection Gear, Plastic Ring Gear, and Plastic Rack Gear. We are committed to providing excellent products, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or customization needs.

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